Affordable Dentures Arkansas

Affordable Dentures

Wearing dentures is an ideal solution if you are experiencing tooth loss. If you’re missing one or more teeth due to decay, gum disease or dental trauma, dentures provide a realistic, long-term replacement. Although dentures are suitable for the vast majority of people, many patients assume that they are expensive. Fortunately, our commitment to providing affordable dental care ensures everyone has access to the treatment they need. 


With regular special offers throughout the year, why not take advantage of a free consultation to discuss affordable dentures in Walnut Ridge? Working with an experienced dentist, you’ll have access to all the information you need and gain bespoke advice regarding the suitability of dentures. 


To make things easier, we also offer a range of patient financing options. This ensures you can access affordable dentures in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas at any time. Designed specifically for dental care patients, bespoke financing options make it easy to fund the treatment you deserve. To learn more, contact our friendly team today. 


BPS Lower Suction Dentures


Using innovative new technology, BPS lower suction dentures contour your mouth and work in conjunction with your muscles. This ensures an enhanced fit and improved function and wearability. 


Over 80% of patients who require dentures are candidates for BPS lower suction dentures, which means they’re available to a wide number of people. What’s more, custom financing options mean even the most advanced systems are affordable- like dentures in Walnut Ridge. 


Permanent, Implant-Retained Dentures in Walnut Ridge


Dentures offer a long-term solution to tooth loss by replacing a missing tooth or teeth with a realistic, artificial alternative. Although standard dentures can be worn on a long-term basis, they are removable and should be taken out for cleaning and overnight. 


If you would prefer a more permanent solution to tooth loss, why not consider implant-retained dentures? By affixing the implant below the gumline, the denture has a permanent anchor to hold on to and is no longer removable. 


The increased stability and durability associated with implant-retained dentures make them a long-lasting solution to tooth loss. These types of affordable dentures in Walnut Ridge routinely last anywhere from 10 – 25 years. With great oral hygiene, however, implant-retained dentures can last a lifetime!


An implant can be used to permanently fix a denture to replace a single missing tooth but can also be used if you’re missing multiple teeth. Traditionally, one implant was required per tooth, but new technology means multiple teeth can now be replaced with fewer implants. 


Using ‘All on 4’ technology, we can even offer complete dentures using just four implants. Ideal for patients who are missing most or all of their teeth, these affordable dentures in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas are created right here at our very own in-house denture laboratory. 


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