BPS Lower Suction Dentures walnut ridge dental care dentist in walnut ridge arkansasAt Walnut Ridge Dental Care, we are always looking to improve our practice and services by staying updated with new dental developments in technology and treatments. For patients that are missing most of their teeth or their natural teeth are not providing them with the stability they need, we often suggest dentures. BPS Lower Suction Dentures are an excellent way to regain your confidence through a new, full set of customized artificial teeth. 

Although dentures are an excellent restoration option, there is always one common complaint regarding the lower arch of teeth. Dentures stay in place due to the suction they have along the gums’ ridge. Unfortunately, the lower arch of dentures, traditionally, doesn’t have suction. Because of this, the lower arch, even with the use of denture adhesive, tends to slip and create sores. Recently, lower suction dentures have been improved, and the denture experience is more desirable. 


How BPS Lower Suction Dentures Work

Using a new impression technique that captures the natural shape of the lower dental arch, lower dentures can now be suctioned to the gums ridge. The suction allows for a firm seal along the entire denture to keep it firmly in your mouth, preventing any slippage. While the impression material is in the mouth, a patient needs to make precise movements and sounds to capture the full imprint to include it in the denture. 


Creating the Denture

To qualify for the lower suction denture, Dr. Patel will ask you a series of questions relating to the function of your current dentures and your experience with them. It is important that he understands any concerns or problems that you may have had with your dentures because they will help him decide if you are a good candidate. 

If it is clear that you would benefit from BPS suction dentures, the next step in the process would be through the use of the imprint. During the imprinting procedure, you will be asked to make certain sounds and movements for the material to record. Once the impressions have been made, we send them and our recorded data to a dental lab to create your customized lower suction denture. 

This denture will be designed to suction onto the lower arches of gum tissues, forming a tight seal that will prevent denture base over expansion. Once created, each denture will be fitted and checked for balance. Before final placement, we will make any needed changes for comfort. 


Are BPS Lower Suction Dentures Right for Me?

Dr. Patel will help you decide if the BPS suction dentures are right for you. We will complete a full oral health history exam and determine if they are best for you based on your bone health and density. If the bone isn’t in optimal shape, it won’t be able to hold the denture properly. 


BPS Lower Suction Denture Benefits

  • Traditional lower dentures have a reputation for slipping. Due to their tight seal, lower suction dentures will prevent any embarrassment due to your dentures slipping out. 
  • Many patients will use denture adhesive to hold dentures in place to avoid slippage. You can avoid sticky and annoying adhesive altogether with suction dentures. 
  • While acquiring a new smile, it is essential that you feel confident. With customized dentures that are guaranteed to stay in place, your self-esteem will grow. 


Need a Change?

If you already have dentures and experience some common complaints, please give our office a call to learn more about BPS lower suction dentures. At Walnut Ridge Dental Care, we only want you to have the best dental appliances that ensure comfort. We are located in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, and are looking forward to seeing you in our office.