Celebrate Gum Disease Awareness Month in 5 Easy Steps

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! Strap on your seatbelt because it’s Gum Disease Awareness Month. Not only is this month an absolute hoot, but it also spreads a message of health and hope. Gum Disease Awareness Month reminds us how lucky we are to live in the 21st century. After all, modern technology and medication make gum disease wholly preventable and curable. At Walnut Ridge Dental Care, we celebrate this month by offering high-quality gum disease treatments in Arkansas.


What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is an infection within the gums. Commonly caused by plaque, gum disease can lead to swollen gums, tooth loss, and bleeding. While genetics may be a factor, we can avoid most cases of gum disease with good oral hygiene. We also offer advanced treatments such as scaling, root planing, flap surgery, and bone grafting to treat every stage of periodontitis. 


Signs of Gum Disease

Like fireworks on the Fourth of July, gum disease tends to be noticeable. Symptoms such as bad breath, bleeding, loose teeth, mystery pus, shrinking gums, or sores may be rooted in a periodontal infection. As such, it’s vital to consult a dentist if you notice a sign of gum disease. Not only will this ensure swift treatment, but it’ll also prevent periodontitis from spreading and causing further damage. 


How to Celebrate Gum Disease Awareness Month:

Celebrate Gum Disease Awareness Month like a pro with these five tips and tricks: 

  • Enhance Your Oral Hygiene. The greatest gift you can give your mouth is proper hygiene! Recommit to brushing twice daily, flossing, and checking up with a dentist. Good habits prevent gum disease in the first place. 
  • Surprise Your Dentist. Dentists do a lot for us. They clean our teeth, give us a complimentary toothbrush each visit, and offer invaluable advice. Whether it’s making your local dentist a thank-you card or grabbing them a Starbucks gift card, they’ll be grateful. 
  • Educate the Youth. Use this month to reinforce good behavior and teach them the dangers of gum disease. If you have children, this is an excellent way to build healthy habits. 
  • Spread Awareness. We can eradicate gum disease if everyone knows what it is and how to prevent it. Whether posting #GumDiseaseAwarenessMonth on social media or joining a local dental page, there’s always a way to spread the word. 
  • Bake a Cake. Give yourself a reason to celebrate and do something special. Whether baking a cake, going on a picnic, or calling up some old friends, do something special. While it might have nothing to do with Gum Disease Awareness Month, that’s alright. Give yourself another reason to smile. 


How to Prevent Gum Disease?

Brush twice a day, floss, and stop by the dentist twice a year. Invest in mouthwash and quality fluoride toothpaste. Replace an old toothbrush, quit smoking, or eat less sugar. There’s always room for improvement.  


How to Treat Gum Disease?

Good news: Gum disease is 100% treatable! Our safe, practical methods, such as scaling, root planing, antibiotics, and flap surgery, give everyone’s gums a second chance. If you’re unsure if you have gum disease, don’t worry! Schedule a consultation today. 


Gum Disease Treatment in Arkansas

With millions of Americans suffering from gum disease each year, it’s essential to take extra care of our gums. Cover all your bases with preventative care and life-saving treatments in our facility. At Walnut Ridge Dental Care, we thrive off a patient-based philosophy that always puts you first. Dr. Samir Patel and our team are miracle workers; everything they touch turns to gold. We can’t wait to send you home with a bright, healthy smile. 


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