Dentures Near Me in Walnut Ridge, AR

dentures near me Walnut Ridge Dental Care dentist in Walnut Ridge Arkansas Dr. Samir PatelThe world of dentures has undergone magnificent changes. Patients no longer have to use denture glue to secure a slippery appliance onto their gums. Dr. Patel at Walnut Ridge Dental Care offers fixed, dental implant-supported dentures. If you are searching for dentures near me in Walnut Ridge, AR, look no further than Walnut Ridge Dental Care. At our office, we can help you. 


What are Implant-Supported Dentures?

If you are looking for a unique new innovative technology to restore your smile, you are right. With an implant-supported denture, you can have a dazzling new smile in weeks. An Implant-supported denture in Walnut Ridge is similar to traditional dentures in that they have prosthetic teeth made of porcelain. However, the significant difference is that they are fixed to your gums with four to five dental implants. This producer is also referred to as All-on-4s. Many patients say that All-on-4 dentures are more comfortable and look/feel almost like natural teeth.


What are BPS Lower Suction Dentures?

Like implant-supported dentures, BPS lower suction dentures provide a stronger attachment to the gums than a traditional denture. In conventional dentures, patients place the denture over their gums and may adhere them to their gums with denture glue. BPS lower suction the denture is formed to fit over the gums and suction to the gum ridge. Typically, patients find BPS lower suction dentures are more secure than traditional denture options. 


What are the Differences Between Dentures Supported by Implants Versus BPS Lower Suction?

You may want a denture solution that adheres to your gums better than a traditional denture. Dr. Patel offers two options at Walnut Ridge Dental Care: implant dentures and BPS lower suction dentures. The most significant difference between these two is that implant-supported are secured in your gums with implant posts, while BPS lower suction adhere to your gum line. BPS lower suction technology is based on the impression type. This unique impression technique allows Dr. Patel to make an extremely accurate denture that adheres to your gum line.

One difference between these two types is the cost. Typically, an implant denture is more expensive than BPS lower suction denture. An Implant denture require four to five implants per set of teeth. If you have a complete smile restoration, you may have up to ten implants placed in your mouth. Since a BPS lower suction denture use a unique impression technique, they are typically more expensive than traditional one. 

Although you can eat more of what you like with a BPS lower suction denture, patients can eat virtually any type of food with dental implants. With BPS lower suction, the denture still have the potential to move or slip when eating hard or sticky foods. With All-on-4s or dental implant-supported dentures, there is almost no chance the denture will move while eating because they are secured with a dental implant. 


Slight to No Bone Loss

Whether you choose an implant denture or BPS lower suction denture, you can enjoy a few more benefits than a traditional denture. One advantage is slower or no reabsorption of the bone. Reabsorption happens when you have loose or no dentures covering the gum tissue over a missing tooth. Without stimulation, bone loss occurs below the gum line. The dental implants and BPS lower Suction decrease the amount of bone loss from reabsorption by stimulating the gum line and bone underneath.

Investing indentures near you in Walnut Ridge, AR, can benefit. Dr. Patel at Walnut Ridge Dental Care is dedicated to your success. Call our office today for more information about dentures in Walnut Ridge, AR.