family dental care Dr. Samir Patel. Walnut Ridge Dental Care. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative Family Dentistry dentist in Walnut Ridge, AR 72476 Dentist Paragould ARRegardless of age, dental care is an essential part of life. While our teeth are strong and resilient, they still need our help to stay healthy. For this, healthy habits developed in childhood are vital. Because of this, we at At Walnut Ridge Dental Care want to help you and your family build strong, healthy, and hygienic habits. That’s why we invest in the highest-grade technology and offer the best family dental care in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. 


What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the family. Unlike general dentists, who may have age restrictions on their treatments, family dentists offer a broader treatment plan for more people. Their office space and team are usually more extensive to accommodate families. 


What Treatments do we Offer?

It’s crucial to choose a family dentist that offers a lot of treatment options. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than realizing your dentist doesn’t carry a specific treatment! Thankfully that’ll never happen with us: 

  • General Dentistry. We excel in essential treatments such as root canals, fillings, tooth extractions, and more. While any other dentist can do this, our precision and expertise are unmatched. 
  • Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign, dental veneers, and teeth whitening are life-changing. While we already think you look beautiful, our treatments offer a quick way to boost self-confidence, make good impressions, and look great in pictures. 
  • Preventative Dentistry. Prevent dental issues with the best dental treatments available. We’ll thoroughly examine your teeth during every checkup. If there is ever an infection or cavity, we’ll be the first to strike preemptively and treat the root cause. 
  • Restorative Dentistry. We offer dental implants, bridges, and dentures to turn back the clock and restore any smile.
  • Periodontal Therapy. Periodontitis- also known as gum disease- affects nearly 46% of all Americans aged 30+. Our periodontal therapy is a highly effective method of treatment. While you should always guard your gums with healthy habits and regular checkups, it’s always good to have a plan B.


Benefits of Family Dental Care:

Family dental care comes with a lot of benefits, which makes it worthy of consideration. As always, we’re happy to guide you throughout the entire process: 

  • Faster Appointments. Visiting a single-family dentist is much quicker than splitting your family between different clinics. With a family dentist, you’re able to save time and energy. 
  • Family Focused. Your family is important to us! While children may be unfamiliar with and scared of the dentist, we focus on a gentle, easygoing approach to earn their trust. Our friendly staff can guide your children through the dental process. We offer a comfortable, flexible environment for everyone. 
  • No Age Restrictions. You’ll never fumble around our website looking for non-existent regulations. Family dentists have no restrictions, unlike general dentists, who can’t operate on specific age groups. 
  • Clean Teeth. Sleep well at night, knowing that you’re doing your best to keep your family safe. All maximize all our treatments to be the most effective, durable, and long-lasting results. 


Why is Family Dentistry so Important?

Family dentistry is essential because your family is important. Often, habits developed as a child are the difference between a life of healthy or ill. Why not set up your family for success and invest in dentistry that can fully care for their needs?


Family Dental Care in Walnut Ridge

At Walnut Ridge Dental Care, we offer family-centric treatments that can last a lifetime. Our high-quality treatments, advanced technology, and modern techniques give us an edge over all other dentists in the city. Dr. Samir Patel and our team keep an unbreakable spirit of quality, effectiveness, and cleanliness. 

Give your family the care they deserve. Schedule an appointment today to get started.