Find Your Dream Smile with Teeth Whitening

Are you thinking about getting teeth whitening in Jonesboro, AR? If so, then you probably have a bunch of questions about what is it and how long it takes.

Many people are unhappy about the way that their smile looks. Tooth discoloration can make you feel less confident or less willing to show your teeth when you smile. The good news is that teeth whitening in Jonesboro can help. The way that the process works is straightforward. First, your dental practitioner assesses your teeth to see what type of stains you have on your teeth. Teeth whitening can help to correct stains caused by tannins and other substances in the foods that you eat. You can also get teeth whitening if they’re naturally yellow-looking. Teeth whitening, however, will not help if tetracycline antibiotics discolor your teeth. Next, your dentist will apply a special kind of bleach to the surface of your teeth. The bleach will work it’s magic, penetrating the enamel and changing the color of stain to a brilliant white. Finally, your dentist in Walnut Ridge, AR, will clean up the whitening agent, giving you a beautiful smile. 

Professional whitening in Jonesboro is highly effective, but there are other treatments that your dentist can provide as well. You can get gel-based whitening that sits on plastic trays that fit in your mouth – great for wearing before you go to bed.