What is a fixed denture with implants?

Fixed denture implants are false teeth attached to the prosthetic gum tissue. Although it is fake, the teeth and gum look relatively natural. These implants stay in the mouth all the time, anchored securely and comfortably by several dental implants that form an integral part of the jaw bone. Outpatient surgery is done to insert the implants into the mouth and is usually done in the dentist’s office. 

Fixed dentures with implants are ideal for people who have experienced a deterioration of the jawbone and the gums due to tooth loss. 

How does it work?

A dental implant is usually a small, screw-shaped post that acts as a replacement for the tooth root. The bone beneath the gum serves as a foundation that houses the replacement root. The implants are made mostly of titanium material, which comes with the unique ability to fuse into the bone through osseointegration. This process provides sturdiness, stability, and reliability to the implants. 

Some state-of-the-art implant systems enable a small number of implants to support a maximum number of teeth. For example, as few as four implants are enough to support either an upper or lower jaw of non-removable, fixed replacement teeth. 

Unlike other dental procedures involving the loss of teeth, the fixed denture implants surgery is cost-effective. This surgery gives you the chance to replace a tooth permanently and collectively- instead of using a single implant for every single missing tooth.

Fixed dentures with implants procedure

The first stage may require x-rays of the jaw to help identify the problem area and the anatomical structures like the bone nerves and sinuses. Doing this will enable the dentist to determine the number of implants needed and the ideal location. Each implant requires a small channel in the bone, and the patient may need local anesthesia to help make it a painless process. 

Once the implants are in place, the dentist will attach a set of temporary teeth, remaining in the mouth for about three months. That will give the implants enough time to fuse to the bone and heal entirely.  When the osseointegration process is completed, permanent teeth will replace the temporary ones. The new set of teeth will require the same level of care as natural teeth.

The benefits of this procedure

The process helps to remove the discomfort and mobility that comes with a removable prosthesis. Having fixed dentures with implants comes with several benefits.

Unlike removable dentures, this procedure preserves bone loss rather than causing bone loss to occur at an accelerated rate. After the implant process, the fixed dentures feel and look just like natural teeth. It also works as natural teeth; this means that you can use it to eat all types of food. In addition to that, getting fixed dentures with implants helps to give you a positive psychological boost. That is mostly as a result of the thought of feeling and looking rehabilitated. To top it all, it boosts your confidence and your smile.