Traditional silver fillings contain mercury, and although they have been popular for years, the technology has changed. Walnut Ridge Dental Care is a leader in innovative, eco-friendly solutions, which is why we’re proud to offer Mercury-Free Restorations for our patients around Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. 

What are Mercury-Free Restorations? 

Mercury-Free Restorations provide a natural-look alternative to traditional metal fillings that use amalgam. They are becoming increasingly popular within modern dentistry, and they move past the unsightly metallic fillings that clash with the natural color of your teeth to enhance your appearance and make it almost impossible to tell if you have had fillings 

What are the benefits? 

You don’t need to look far to understand the vast array of benefits that Mercury-Free Restorations offer. These benefits are: 

A natural appearance

Traditional metal fillings may have been the standard for as long as many people can remember. But the different colors clashed too obviously with the tooth’s natural a[[pearance. Mercury-free restorations provide a biocompatible solution that makes the filling almost invisible to the naked eye. This provides a more natural appearance and boosts your self-confidence, as you’re not concerned that someone may realize you have had fillings. 

Better for the environment 

Amalgam fillings can be harmful to the environment as they include a worrying pollutant that could affect the water at the dental clinic or the air after it is disposed of. By choosing mercury-free fillings, you are doing something good for the environment, reducing the risk of pollution, and preventing the possibility of issues related to mercury poisoning, such as brain damage, especially for young children and infants. 

Safe during pregnancy 

As there is no mercury in these restorations, they are safe for expectant mothers before, during, and after pregnancy. These mercury-free alternatives are safe and suitable for everyone, regardless of age, as there is no risk of neurological complications for their unborn baby. As your oral health is so important, choosing mercury-free restorations means you don’t need to sacrifice your health and your baby’s health for potentially necessary treatment. 

Highly durable 

The last thing you want is for the filling to break away. This causes several problems as you will need to book another appointment, and you may accidentally swallow the filling, which is never pleasant. Mercury-free restorations offer a highly durable solution as the filling bonds easily to the enamel. This is ideal if your tooth is chipped or cracked, as it stabilizes the tooth and makes it as good as new. So, you can eat and drink as you would normally, without needing to worry about the filling falling out. 

No sensitivity 

If you have sensitive teeth, you already know how uncomfortable it can be when drinking or eating something too hot or too cold. A mercury-free restoration does not have extreme sensitivity, so it will not expand or contract when drinking your morning coffee or treating yourself to ice cream.

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