preventative dentistry Walnut Ridge Dental Care dentist in Walnut Ridge, AROur teeth require special care because they are one of the strongest parts of our body. When it comes to taking care of our teeth, there is more to do than just brush and floss daily; however, those are very important. We recommend an expert cleaning and dental education at Walnut Ridge Dental Care at least twice a year. Bi-annual dental visits could save you money on costly dental procedures that may be necessary if you do not care for your teeth. If you live in the Walnut Ridge, Arkansas region, we invite you to contact us right away to set up a preventative dentistry appointment.


What to Expect at Each Bi-Annual Check-Up

An important part of preventative dentistry is keeping up with your bi-annual cleanings. At each bi-annual dental appointment, you can expect a thorough cleaning of your teeth. Our hygienists have undergone considerable training and education to cater to each patient’s unique needs properly. Every time you visit our office, you can expect a one-of-a-kind and personalized treatment. Dr. Patel and his staff are qualified and prepared to handle any dental operations you may require. Please let us know if you know of any specific accommodations that you or a family member would benefit from. In our office, your comfort and safety are our top priorities.


Each professional cleaning procedure will begin with an oral inspection by the hygienist. At least once a year, we will take x-rays to ensure proper alignment and check for any overcrowding difficulties. At each session, the hygienist will examine your teeth for decay, cavities, and any symptoms of infection. Once everything has been determined to be healthy and stable, a thorough cleaning will commence.


Your hygienist will first remove all the plaque and tartar on the surface of your teeth. They will use a scaler, a dental tool that resembles a metal hook, to do this. Cavities can develop if plaque is not removed from the pits and fissures of our teeth. Periodontal disease is a severe oral problem and can develop in extreme cases when plaque has built up. This is especially important for the back molars, which are difficult to reach for many people. You can minimize plaque buildup on your teeth with good dental hygiene.


After removing all the plaque, the hygienist will use a high-powered polishing brush to finish the cleaning. The polishing should not hurt your teeth in any way but should instead feel like someone is brushing them. Following the cleaning, the hygienist will floss your teeth. We understand how tough flossing can be, especially as you try to reach those back molars. However, diligent flossing might mean the difference between having a cavity and not.


We offer each patient fluoride. Fluoride is a white, sticky dental substance applied to the enamel of your teeth. Fluoride helps to keep your teeth healthy and free of decay. It strengthens them and protects them from plaque, lowering your risk of cavities.


After each cleaning, we do what we can to provide each patient with some tips on improving their personal hygiene at home. While this information will look different for everyone, below is a list of some guidelines that everyone can follow: 

  • Brush and floss twice a day, reaching every tooth
  • Don’t open any packaging with your teeth 
  • Avoid extreme amounts of sugar, as sugar leads to cavities
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Use fluoride-based toothpaste 


Here at Walnut Ridge Dental Care in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, we want to do everything to help you maintain a strong, white smile. Preventative dentistry can help keep your smile strong and healthy. Come in today for a cleaning, and let us get you on the road to a healthy smile! We look forward to seeing you!