At Walnut Ridge Dental Care, we have helped many patients looking to permanently replace an entire row of teeth. Replacing a row of teeth is possible with our permanently retained implant bridges.

All on 4 

The phrase “all on 4” refers to the number of implants that are used to place a permanent dental restoration. With retained implant bridges, we use 4 dental implants placed in the jaw bone to support the new bridge. The implants are surgically placed, 2 near the front and 2 near the back. Similar to single dental implants, full healing is necessary before the bridge can be placed. By using dental implants, your overall oral health and smile’s appearance can be maintained. Your jawbone and surrounding tissues benefit from stimulation through chewing. Lost teeth can prevent necessary stimulation, but dental implants and bridges can fill in any gaps and prevent loss of function.


Permanent Retained Implant Bridge 

Traditionally, dentures are made to replace an entire smile, but they can also be used to replace only one arch of teeth, top or bottom. Although similar to a denture, we refer to a single row of artificial teeth and gums as a retained implant bridge. Implant bridges are completely custom made to fit your mouth perfectly. We understand the importance of providing our patients with beautiful teeth restorations that can withstand the pressures of eating and speaking. Each artificial tooth is made out of porcelain, which gives you the same pearly shine as your natural teeth. Porcelain also provides strength and protection against cavities and decay. 


Come See Us 

Missing most of your teeth in a single arch can affect your confidence and ability to perform daily functions. At Walnut Ridge Dental Care, fixing your smile with an “all on 4” permanent retained implant bridge will increase your quality of life. We are located right here in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, and will do everything to help you start loving your smile again. Call us today!