root canal therapy Dr. Samir Patel. Walnut Ridge Dental Care. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative Family Dentistry dentist in Walnut Ridge, AR 72476Root Canal Therapy is an excellent solution to remove an infection in your tooth and prevent this infection from spreading. If you live in and around Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, Walnut Ridge Dental Care can help you with all of your root canal needs. 


What happens during root canal therapy?

Root Canal Therapy is something referred to as Endodontic Therapy, but the process remains the same. It removes infections from a tooth to prevent the infection from spreading and saving the tooth in the process. There are three primary steps involved: 


The first step involves cleaning the root canal. This includes removing everything inside the root canal by drilling a small access hole and using files to remove diseased or dead pulp tissue. 


After the cleaning, the dentist will clean, shape, and decontaminate the area inside the tooth with files and irrigation. Once the dentist is satisfied the hollow area is clean, they will fill it with a material and seal the canal with adhesive dental cement. 

This is the end of the root canal therapy which should eliminate all pain or discomfort the patient was feeling prior to the procedure as an infection has been successfully removed. 


While the infection has been removed, the tooth is also more fragile than ever. Therefore, you will need to add a crown or filling to ensure a strong, comfortable structure. Until the dentist adds crowns or fillings, you must make sure not to bite down on the affected tooth as it could crack or break. 


What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to getting root canal therapy, but the most important benefits are: 

Stops the infection from spreading

Infections and bacteria can spread easily inside your mouth, but root canal therapy can stop this by removing the harmful bacteria and preventing the infection from spreading to other teeth. 

Can save your teeth 

If caught early enough, it could save your tooth and the rest of your teeth by reducing the chance of gum disease and tooth decay. 

Improve oral health

Infections can wreak havoc on your oral health, causing bad breath and making it uncomfortable to brush your teeth, but root canals can return everything to normal. 

Provide pain relief 

Many believe is painful, but it actually provides pain relief by fixing the issue and cleaning the infected area.


When would you need root canal therapy?

Root canals can affect everybody, especially if you do not partake in excellent dental care. The pulp inside the tooth will become diseased and infected, and this will cause severe pain that can affect you all through the day. 

Ignoring oral pain is not recommended, and if your tooth feels especially sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, this may be a sign that you have an infection. To prevent the infection from spreading through your mouth, you must get a consultation and arrange for root canal therapy if necessary. 


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