Root canal treatment in Jonesboro, AR

When a tooth is badly decayed or infected, it’s important to access dental treatment swiftly. With prompt root canal treatment in Jonesboro, the tooth can be saved and restored. Without a root canal, untreated decay or infection will inevitably lead to tooth loss. Fortunately, root canal treatment means you can protect your teeth and your smile. 


What is root canal treatment? 


Although most people have heard of a root canal, they aren’t always familiar with what the treatment entails. A ‘root canal’ is essentially the center of a tooth. Within each tooth, there is a soft area known as pulp. The tooth’s nerve is situated here and is generally protected. However, if bacteria enters the pulp, infection can take hold and an abscess may form. 


Fortunately, this can be prevented with root canal treatment in Jonesboro. Upon evaluation, your dentist will be able to see whether decay or damage is affecting the pulp of the tooth or if it’s likely to do so in the future. By having root canal treatment at this point, you can prevent bacteria from multiplying within the tooth and avoid developing an infection. 


When performing root canal treatment, your dentist will carefully numb the area to ensure you don’t experience any discomfort at all. Your dentist will remove the pulp and nerve which is present within the tooth, as well as clean the affected area and remove any bacteria . 

Following this, the tooth is sealed to prevent bacteria from entering in the future. It is normal for a restorative crown to be fitted over the tooth after root canal treatment. As well as further protecting the remaining natural tooth, a crown restores the appearance of your tooth if decay or damage is visible. 


Is root canal treatment in Jonesboro painful? 


Not at all. People tend to assume that root canal treatment involves discomfort, but this isn’t the case. In fact, root canal therapy significantly alleviates any discomfort you might be experiencing due to decay or infection!


When root canal treatment is carried out, your dentist will ensure the area is completely numb, so the procedure will be totally pain-free. Even if an infection is already present, there is no need for you to experience discomfort while root canal treatment takes place. 


In some cases, a severe infection may need to be treated before the root canal treatment is carried out. If so, your dentist will prescribe you appropriate antibiotics and, if necessary, pain relief medication. Once the infection has subsided, root canal treatment can be undertaken to repair and protect the tooth.


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As well as saving a tooth which might otherwise be lost, having root canal treatment can prevent an infection from developing, spreading or becoming more severe. Due to this, it’s important to have routine check-ups and seek advice from your dentist if you suspect you may need root canal treatment.

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