smile whitening Walnut Ridge Dental Care dentist in Walnut Ridge, ARWalnut Ridge Dental Care is the best practice in Arkansas for all of your Smile Whitening needs. Whether to fix coffee stains or bring back your stunning smile, our expert team will be happy to help. 


Smile Whitening at Walnut Ridge Dental Care 

Smile Whitening is a superb way to improve your smile and your self-esteem. There are many different reasons people of all ages will explore the range of whitening options available at Walnut Ridge Dental. 

There is a range of everyday food and drink that can affect your smile’s brightness. From tea to coffee to wine, it’s usually all the best food and drink, too, but we don’t allow this to affect your smile permanently. 

The simple process uses whitening trays made from models of your teeth, which our patients wear with special whitening gel for a few hours every day, typically after dinner and before going to bed. 

Usually, patients will see a significant improvement in just four to six weeks. 


The Benefits of Smile Whitening 

Boost your confidence 

A bright, beaming smile is something that everybody wants, but dark and stained teeth can affect our confidence. People without the brightest smile may feel el conscious. They don’t want to show off in photos, or they avoid opening their mouth too widely. Smile whitening changes all of this, and in as little as four weeks, you will feel confident enough to show off your pearly whites for the entire world to see.

Improve your appearance

White teeth are usually associated with glamor and looking your best, and even if you spend your mornings and evenings flossing, brushing, and rinsing, your teeth are not entirely safe from food and drink stains. With a simple smile whitening procedure, you can give yourself a Hollywood appearance that’s more than ready for the red carpet or just going to work. 

Reduce wrinkles

Or at least the look of wrinkles. Smile whitening won’t eliminate wrinkles altogether, but they will make them less obvious. Rather than have your wrinkles be the focal point of your face, a bright, beautiful smile distracts attention and instead forces people to focus on something else. It’s more than just wrinkles, too. A bright smile also takes the focus away from acne scars or frown lines, so you can look and feel bolder, better, and more youthful. 

An affordable solution

When people think of dental procedures, they usually worry that it will cost them a fortune. However, smile whitening is an affordable solution, especially when compared to dental surgery. While tooth veneers are popular, this is not something that everyone wants, needs, or can even afford. Therefore, if you’re looking for an effective solution to improve your smile, look no further than smile whitening. 


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